Complimentary branding publications from Boardwalk

FREE white paper – Branding in Five Movements

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How to compose a brand of symphonic beauty, power and value.

Innovation, Strategy, Positioning, Identity and Communication – these are the five “movements” of branding. They must be mastered in order to present a brand that moves people and compels them to action. Learn the movements and find out:

  • What is the best response to disruption in your industry
  • What lays the foundation for rapid growth
  • What to budget for creative

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FREE ebook – A Brand is a Promise Kept


14 branding essentials for the busy CEO.

There are lots of different ways to think about branding, brand strategy and brand positioning. To your graphic designer, it’s all about logos and color palettes. To your publicist, it’s all about reputation. And, to your attorney, it’s all about trademark protection. But how should you, the owner or manager of a brand asset, think about your brand? How can you best leverage it for additional revenue, profit and, ultimately, market valuation? What is the best brand positioning for you?

“A Brand is a Promise Kept” is the CEO’s guide to thinking about brand assets. In its pages, Boardwalk president, Kevin Walker reveals valuable must-know insights such as: 

  • Why your brand is valuable
  • How to think about your brand for profit
  • Why a brand is like an elephant

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FREE white paper – The Eight Benefits of Branding


Learn about the eight economic advantages you’ll gain from having a strong brand strategy.

Based on a talk given to the Business Marketers Association, an association of B2B companies. This white paper reveals how businesses that focus on developing their brands actually enjoy eight competitive advantages. This free white paper explains it all. In it you’ll learn:

  • How branding grows your market in two distinct ways
  • Why the same messaging that attracts your best customers also attracts your best employees
  • How to use your “Brand Lens” to futureproof your business.

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