Option One

Let’s just talk. 

Close-up to beautiful female smile - isolated over a white backgroundLet’s get a cup of coffee and have a complimentary, no-obligation conversation about you and your brand. We’d like to get to know you, learn about your branding challenges,  and answer all your questions. Absolutely free.
• Answers to all your initial branding questions
• The relief that comes from knowing you have a friend in the branding business
Set up a time to yak. 

Option Three

Tailored Branding Workshop

startup business people group have meeting in modern bright office interior, senoir investors  and young software  developersProvide your organization with in-depth understanding and clarity about your brand. Discover your brand’s true competitive advantage. Engage your people in brand-building and allow them to move forward with a clear sense of the brand’s purpose, mission and value. Build the foundation for your future brand strategy. The Tailored Branding Workshop is an excellent exercise for building a foundation for your brand strategy, for bringing clarity to your in-house brand-building efforts and for getting everybody on your team on the same page. It is best conducted off-site and usually takes a full day. $3,950. plus expenses**
• Company-wide insights into the true nature of your brand
• Everybody rowing in the same direction
Schedule a free, no-obligation talk about a Team Branding Workshop

** Additional days, should they be required, are billed at $2,000. each. Expenses for this product are usually nominal unless significant travel is required.

Option Two

Snapshot Brand Analysis

Close up low angle view of a man working from home on a laptop computer sitting at a desk surfing the internetLearn how your market perceives your brand. Get an objective view of how you compare to your competition. Get actionable intelligence on how you can take steps to improve your brand’s performance and maximize brand value. The Snapshot Brand Analysis is incredibly accurate reflection of how the market experiences your brand. Additionally, it usually identifies many low-cost and no-cost recommendations for improving brand perception and experience. You invest very little time up front and, in 2-3 weeks, you get a full report from Boardwalk. $4,500. plus expenses*
Set up a time for a free, no-obligation talk about a Snapshot Brand Analysis .

 *Expenses for this product are usually nominal.

Option Four

Brand Strategy Exploration

Young creative business people at officeFor those ready to maximize their brand performance and value, we offer the full-scale Brand Strategy Exploration, which is the first step in the birth, or rebirth, of your brand. While specific services will vary depending on the nature and circumstances of each assignment, we take a comprehensive approach to sleuthing out your brand’s true competitive advantage. We get under your brand’s skin. We get a 360° view of it. We get a 30,000-foot view of it. We explore your customer experience, your marketing activities, your competitive environment and your internal values. We build the platform from which all your marketing efforts can be successfully launched. The major deliverable of the Brand Strategy Exploration is a professionally developed brand strategy that will provide invaluable strategic guidance and economic benefits to your brand for the next 15-20 years. Starts at $8,900. plus expenses***
Schedule a time to learn more about your Brand Strategy Exploration. Free. No obligation.

*** Can be more depending on size, scope and circumstance of the assignment.