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Who to follow on LinkedIn if you work in Advertising or Marketing

I’m not writing a blog post this week. Instead, I’d like to introduce Brandtalk readers to a LinkedIn post from Adam Brami that is special in a couple of ways. The post is from about two years ago but I only learned about it this past week. It’s special to me because it includes me as one of the people to follow. It lists me alongside some of my branding heroes like Al Ries, Mark Ritson and Denise Yohn. That association is both a true honor and a humbling experience. But the second reason the post is special is Brami links to examples of his recommendations’ thinking. So he lists 22 thought leaders and you get 66 smart takes on branding, marketing and advertising. That’s in addition to the seven links in this week’s sidebar. It you’re interested in how businesses connect with markets, this truly is a wealth of information. Happy reading. And thanks, Adam!


No Matter Who Wins, the 2020 Presidential Election Won’t Drastically Shift Brand Strategy
Did anybody really think brand strategy would change?

The New Rules of Innovation, with Karen Scott, PepsiCo
When consumers are moving away from sugary drinks, you have to innovate to hold market share.

A Candid Discussion on the Art and Science of Sound for Your Brand
If you have a website or an app, you should be using sound.

Brand Survival Means Making Purpose Essential: How To Get It Right With Gen Z
Be sure you have standing to comment on your cause. And lip service won’t do. You have to walk the walk.

Fiat-Chrysler and Peugeot unveil burgeoning Stellantis supergroup’s new logo
Somehow I don’t think we’re ever going to see this.

Word as Image
Fun. It took me a minute to get “ill”.

In Pursuit of the Idle Mind
In the “evolving present” when work demands are 24/7, we have to create room for some slacker time.

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Best Branding Reads
Week of November 30, 2020

Three Branding Assumptions to Avoid
More branding advice for the entrepreneur.

Bad PR & Good Brand Building
Don’t think I’ve ever mentioned how important public relations are to brand building.

Building Trust Capital For Business And Brands
Customers need to trust that you can – and will – deliver what you promise.

How Brand Leaders Overcome the Illusion of Customer Loyalty
Loyalty is getting harder and harder to learn.

Why Under Armour and Stephen Curry are launching Curry Brand now
This new brand is well-founded and off to a portentous start. Plus, what a great logo!

Google’s new logos are bad
Everybody’s hating on them. They’re not great but I don’t think they’re really that bad, either.

Key Measures Of Marketing Outcomes
Use these metrics to determine if your marketing dollar is being spent wisely.