Trillium asked Boardwalk to help them establish a brand positioning within the telecom world. After learning about their focus on protocol software, their brilliant business model, their customer relations and operations, we turned our attention to their competitive environment, learning quickly that there was no dominant player in the field. We advised that, as a start-up, they could not claim they were the market leader, but there was no reason they couldn’t position themselves as one. With an incremental increase in their marketing budget, they could establish a larger, more polished brand identity at the trade shows where they did much of their business; creating the image of permanence and success that their competition lacked. Boardwalk created a brand identity system based on an abstract representation of the protocols that allow different types of software code to communicate. The system was extended into signage and all company marketing communications material including, of course, their trade show booth. Improved sales resulted almost immediately. As a young company, Trillium did not have the budget for traditional advertising. They asked us to consider another approach to spread the word about their offerings. We developed a poster that showed the interconnectivity of the entire telecom “universe”, and the many connection points where Trillium software played a vital role. The poster was an instant hit, becoming a must-have among software engineers, telecom entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investment bankers and financial analysts. Again, sales increased. Trillium spent the next thirteen years consistently delivering on their brand promise. As they grew along with their industry, Boardwalk helped them publish updated posters. At first, Trillium just wanted to look like a market leader. But by the fifth poster, they actually were, leaving their competitors far behind and eventually becoming acquired by Intel. 

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“I’ve always come back to Boardwalk”

Trillium Trillium Trillium

During the 13 years I’ve worked with them, I’ve occasionally hired other marketing consultants, but I’ve always come back to Boardwalk. They bring great and energetic creative ideas to any discussion, yet they temper them with a pragmatic approach to practical marketing issues. Boardwalk also deserves credit for being able to step into businesses that they may initially know little about. They quickly gain the industry understanding that allows them to develop strong and effective positioning recommendations. Boardwalk played an important part in helping us realize our vision of establishing Trillium as the gold standard within our market segment. In a changing environment, we had confidence that Boardwalk would do what they said they were going to do and do it well. Their professionalism, creativity, knowledge and skills brought us a peace of mind, for our marketing and branding efforts, that was invaluable. 

Jeff Lawrence
Co-founder, President and CEO ofTrillium Digital Systems, and Chief Technology Officer, Network Communications Group of Intel Corporation Current President and CEO of Clivia Systems