Before there was a building … before there was even a name, Boardwalk was asked to bring its expertise to center court. The developer wanted an exciting, dynamic image that would establish the world-class sports and entertainment venue as the premiere destination for nightlife in Los Angeles. The naming sponsor wanted their logo featured prominently and undistorted in any way. Boardwalk worked with the two parties on branding solutions that would meet both their objectives, ultimately delivering a brand positioning that proclaims the arena as central to the Los Angeles lifestyle, a venue that would become its entertainment hub, in both the geographic and societal meanings of the word. Thus, the name STAPLES Center was coined. The brand strategy is supported by a visual identity system that projects star power and energy against the DTLA skyline, to the satisfaction of all involved, and meeting with overwhelming public approval. Over the years, the management at STAPLES Center have worked hard to deliver on their brand promise of bringing nightlife back to downtown Los Angeles, resulting in an extremely successful brand that, today, is stronger than ever. And, in the process, they’ve led a remarkable development renaissance in the downtown area.

Let Boardwalk’s branding services build an iconic brand for you.

“Boardwalk was a true strategic partner  on the project.”

Staple Center Staple Center Staple Center

As former VP of Marketing and Communications for STAPLES Center, I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Boardwalk on the development of the STAPLES Center identity program. This $420 million dollar facility is one of the premier entertainment venues in the country. Boardwalk was a true strategic partner on the project. They developed branding for the venue that was on target with the positioning. They helped mold a unique identity that worked for the venue, as well as the naming rights partner. As a matter of fact, the identity they designed for the facility remains as fresh and contemporary today, as it did in 1999 when the venue opened its doors. In spite of tight deadlines and firm budgets, Boardwalk delivered – on target, on time, and on budget.

John D. Cimperman
Cenergy Sports & 
Entertainment Marketing