NBCUniversal Consumer Products commissioned Boardwalk to create a new brand strategy for their partner/client, Honda Racing. The challenge was to modernize Honda Racing’s image so as to have a better brand positioning with which to launch a line of consumer products featuring the Honda Racing riders and NBCUniversal’s Woody Woodpecker character. 

Our investigations led us to recommend a two-tiered approach, each focusing on one of Honda’s two teams, Road Racing and Motocross. The sports are completely different from one another and their fan bases have very little overlap. Motocross is about daring leaps, flying mud and teeth-rattling vibrations. Road Racing is all sleekness and speed. We determined to create branding systems that appeal to each specific audience. 

To that end, we created graphics for both kids’ and adult’s merchandise. We established a library of source art taking care that only qualified sponsor logos appear on riders and bikes. We created a complete style guide for mass market including all logos, patch art, repeating patterns, borders, font families, color palette, product applications, packaging and retail display concepts. 

We created a companion branding guide for a parallel specialty program. We established guidelines for the use of the style guide so that licensees would not stray far from the program. We established clear communication protocols so that both clients stayed informed and engaged as the program developed which, in turn, helped ensure their sometimes divergent goals remained in alignment.

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“Both clients were kept informed and engaged as the program developed.”

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