The MWD envisioned a campaign to spread the news about water conservation by pointing out which products and services were already doing a good job of using water wisely; designating them as California Friendly. The brand strategy was to be launched in the Southern California region and, eventually, go statewide. But how to make it tangible?

Ask Boardwalk. We created an engaging brand identity system that is instantly recognizable when seen on a variety of products and communications pieces and in all sorts of environments. Consumer testing showed the logo scored highly in terms of likeability and clarity of meaning. We extended the identity to all of the types of products and services that could qualify as California Friendly. We then created a system of graphic standards through which qualified manufacturers and producers manage their participation in the campaign by integrating the identity into their packaging, advertising, point of sales display and collateral.

The brand strategy encourages consumers to seek out those vendors who are certified to display the California Friendly brand, knowing that, working together, they can make a positive contribution towards responsible water usage.

If it needs to be marketed, it needs a brand strategy. Let Boardwalk’s branding services develop your next campaign.

California Friendly California Friendly

“Consumer testing showed the logo scored highly.”

California Friendly