For more than twenty years, AIDS Research Alliance has been moving the science forward in the battle against HIV/AIDS. Their efforts have led to the development of half of the drugs in the antiretroviral treatment now in use. Now they’re leading the research on Prostratin, which shows promise as a lead to a possible cure. Unfortunately, in last few years, ARA has suffered a series of setbacks, including the loss of their rent-free laboratory. They emerged from this troubled period still viable but unfocused. They were unsure of their position within the world of AIDS-fighting organizations. They did not know how to talk about themselves to donors or volunteers. Boardwalk assembled a team of marketing professionals to assess ARA’s output, their internal values and their reputation. We also did a careful study of their competition in the struggle for donor dollars. We developed a brand positioning that communicates their intense focus on finding a cure and we crafted key messaging to aid their new outreach efforts. We recommended a brand strategy that accentuates communication with a core constituency of regular donors. This resulted in improved relationships with these donors and increased fund raising totals. ARA’s decline had been serious enough to consider renaming the organization as well. After careful study, Boardwalk recommended against such a drastic step. However, we recruited a second team of graphic designers and created a modern, more meaningful brand identity system. We finished by developing a new brand positioning slogan that puts the possibility of an imminent cure front and center.

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“Our final product was damn near perfect”

AIDS Research Alliance

This was not our first time working with a team of experts that come in to help focus on or solve a particular problem or work on a project. I’ve done this drill many times over many years, and I would say that this one was one of the best experiences I’ve had. Our final product was damn near perfect. I give a high degree of credit to the team itself, especially Kevin’s leadership. He really kept us focused at all times, and always in an extremely collegial and thoughtful way. He was always available and professional, and spent a great deal of one-on-one time with me. It was absolutely to his credit that this project was so successful.

Carolyn Carlburg
AIDS Research Alliance