Brand strategy makes a business case for how a marketable asset should be positioned to gain competitive advantage over the rest of the market.

Positioning is an a vital aspect of branding. When you can definitively describe your brand’s positioning, you’re also defining those customers that you can serve better than anyone else. And, once you concentrate on them, they’ll happily march straight past your toughest competitors to knock on your door.

Even when a young startup is certain of its competitive advantage, the same may not be true  even five short years later. That’s because, sadly, most businesses have an unfortunate way of neglecting their brand promise over time. While they’re not paying attention, product and service lines mature, market profiles change, and the company’s  brand positioning morphs into something wholly different from what it once was – without anybody even realizing it. And, all too often, that leads to slumping or stagnant sales. 

In an ever-changing world, Boardwalk’s process for sleuthing out a company’s true unique, differentiating brand promise provides real clarity for marketers who want to sustain their success over time. Boardwalk’s unique Deep DiveTM methodology determines the optimum brand positioning for startups and mature businessees alike.

Ask Boardwalk, one of the most experienced branding agencies in Los Angeles, to show you the best place to plant your flag.

Brand positioning strategy